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In 2015, Dean el-Khoury initiated U-Serve, a day of service, dedicated to the community.

Visiting Professor @ UMSoA - Zhao Pei

Professor Zhao Pei, founder of Urban Propensity Studio, an interdisciplinary design studio in China focuses on architectural design, urban design, heritage protection, and the history and theory of modern Chinese architecture, along with comparative studying between Latin American and Chinese modern architecture.

Resilience, Adaption, and Ethics Take the Climate Change Stage

In a panel discussion on climate change coordinated by Harvard University’s Jesse M. Keenan and held at the University of Miami, panelists unearthed diverse and complex ethical challenges that architects, designers, real estate developers, and the community at large will face as sea levels rise.


UMSoA Professor Germane Barnes featured on Curbed magazine

16 architects of color speak out about the industry's race problem --- “America has a lot of work to do.”


AGA KHAN Award Night at UMSoA!

Aga Khan Award Night is on April 3rd @ Glasgow Hall!


A Pathway to Professional Success for Students

UMSoA has created a pathway for highly-qualified students to be hosted at top design leaders’ and thinkers’ offices.


2017 Career Fair

Career Season 2017 Culminates in the Most Successful Career Fair in Years!


Smart Cities Conference Plans for New Future

“We are at the threshold of significant transformations in the urban environment provoked by new services and practices that mobilize emerging technology,’’ Rodolphe el-Khoury, dean of the School of Architecture.

NAAB Accreditation Team Visits UMSoA

A visiting team from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) will be at UMSoA, through Wednesday March 1st.

How Innovative Architecture is Disrupting Commercial Real Estate

The architecture of innovation and disruption—and an unflinching view of the challenges and opportunities for architecture and design by and for disruptors.

Mapping Forgotten Places

These “informal cities” exist in many areas under the radar, and some sit in coastal zones most vulnerable to sea-level rise.


Delft & UMSoA

February 8, 2017, marked an important moment in UMSoA’s effort to proactively address sea-level rise.


The 2017 REIC: An Insightful Overview by Industry Experts.

Architecture and Real Estate development in Miami are steadily intensifying, intersecting ambition and innovation.

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