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A visiting team from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) will be at UMSoA, through Wednesday March 1st.

How Innovative Architecture is Disrupting Commercial Real Estate

The architecture of innovation and disruption—and an unflinching view of the challenges and opportunities for architecture and design by and for disruptors.

Mapping Forgotten Places

These “informal cities” exist in many areas under the radar, and some sit in coastal zones most vulnerable to sea-level rise.


Delft & UMSoA

February 8, 2017, marked an important moment in UMSoA’s effort to proactively address sea-level rise.


The 2017 REIC: An Insightful Overview by Industry Experts.

Architecture and Real Estate development in Miami are steadily intensifying, intersecting ambition and innovation.

Design/Build Students create UMSoA’s first mobile Chicken Coop

The Design/Build (Fall 2016) students hard work payed off in the creation of the UMSOA’s first mobile Chicken Coop. 


SoA Design Studio Travels to Santiago de Cuba

UMSoA and the CCS (Center for Computational Science @ UM) travelled to Santiago de Cuba to study and document the Church of Santa Lucia, one of 12 churches designated to the World Monuments Fund.

Accessible Design: Top-of-Mind for Urban Design and M.Arch I Studio Students

Urban Design and M.Arch. 1 Studio students learned inclusive design challenges and insights from a unique perspective, as shared by guest lecturer, Ileana Rodriguez.


Tsinghua & UMSoA: Collaboration, International Expansion and Immersion

An Upper-Level studio course focused on Colombia, jointly held with Tsinghua University, embodies the initiative to drive immersion, collaboration and international expansion.

Maker Faire Miami

SoA and RAD-UM are proud organizers of the Maker Faire Miami event, April 8-9th, in partnership with Miami Dade College, MANO and Maker Media!


Not in Kansas Anymore…

Imagine for a moment, that you’ve woken up in the middle of a deep sleep.


SoA Prof. Allan Shulman's

“Billboard Building” Graces the Pages of The Miami Herald


Victor Deupi, Professor at SoA

Is the Newly-Elected President of the CINTAS Foundation.

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