Germane Barnes witnessed the mad scramble before a hurricane — and he thought about everyone left behind. Everyone who couldn’t afford to flee in a plane or a car. Those who’d be left behind after a storm, without basic infrastructure. Without electricity or water or cooking fuel. Sometimes for weeks. He’s thought about people riding a bus through his hometown of Chicago. How little inconveniences add up. A lack of trees for shade. Comfortable benches at a stop. How they act as barriers for the poor to move through the city. Germane thought about these things like an architect.

Students float ideas to help the campus adapt to a changing climate

As part of the first undergraduate climate resilience course, 36 students got a chance to learn about the pressing issue from 13 different faculty experts and offer their own suggestions.

MRED+U Capstone Project Inspires Sunbeam’s Proposal for North Bay Village Project

This past year’s Capstone Project inspired a proposal created by Sunbeam Properties for a 7.3M-square-foot project on North Bay Village, which the North Bay Village commissioners have since approved.

School of Architecture Faculty News

Germane Barnes Redefines Architecture And Design

Germane Barnes is redefining the future of architecture and design by building hospitable spaces for everyone.